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Vaydent Logistics, Inc.

Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

Project Scope

Vaydent Logistics, Inc. is a residential contractor and security startup specializing in home defense, disaster survival, and continuity planning solutions. The company was founded in late 2017 as a response to rapidly evolving threat arena and aims to provide state-of-the-art security and survival solutions to high-net-worth families worldwide. Venturitas began working with Vaydent Logistics Corp. on a needs-based contract to help its leadership launch into the highly-competitive and increasingly expansive industry of security contracting. Venturitas works directly with Vaydent's founding team to develop the company's brand strategy, corporate mission, and to conduct general market analysis to help Vaydent utilize data to develop informed solution.

  • Founded: November, 2017
  • Industry: Security Contractor
  • Location: Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Status: Operating/Pre-funding
  • Website :