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Mack Supply Company, Inc.

Randolph, Vermont, USA

Project Scope

Mack Supply Company is a boutique outdoors, camping & survival equipment retailer dedicated to selling durable, well-made, and long-lasting products to customers across the United States, Canada & Western Europe. Venturitas Mack Supply Company's founders develop viable marketing strategy, research inventory needs, and plan for the unexpected. Venturitas also works with MSC's management to oversee day-to-day operations of the firm. Specifically, Venturitas drafts international supplier agreements and marketing strategy. Venturitas currently holds a position in Mack Supply Company and is working to secure additional funding and growth opportunities for the firm.

  • Founded: June, 2017
  • Industry: Retail Store
  • Location: Randolph, Vermont
  • Status: Operating
  • Website : www.macksupply.com